Birds are such fascinating creatures, with their enviable abilities that we humans would love to have for ourselves; which is flight. One specific feathered creature that has caught our fancy is the hummingbird, nimble and swift in its course in our backyards.

Best Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds into your Home

Hummingbird Feeders:

Aside from fueling our fantasies, the small hummingbird has more benefits to us compared to your average member of the bird kingdom. 1) Just like the honeybee, this little critter feeds on nectars from flowers that help them pollinate that will result to more bloom. And 2) when not sipping the sweet juices of a flower, the hummingbird is on the hunt for small insects that could otherwise destroy crops and deal damage to a garden.

Because of these two reasons, attracting this particular species into your garden can do as much as saving you money and effort! Flowers can bloom more beautifully, and you also don’t have to spend too much on pesticides as these little birds are quite efficient pest control agents.

The natural way of attracting hummingbirds is by planting the flowers that are the favorite food sources of these little chirpers:

· The Lantana is a perennial plant that is best planted in the Spring. They bloom into tiny bouquets that really make it a good ornamental plant, and also makes berries for hummingbirds to peck on.
· The Honeysuckle is easy to grow, beautiful to look at, and gives a subtle fragrance to your backyard. They have a high tolerance to heat and bloom well in the Summer.
· The Morning Glory is another popular flower that adds a lot to a garden visually and has a deep bloom that a hummingbird can reach in with ease.

Now that we’ve gone through the natural, the alternative way would be to install a feeder.

Equipping your garden or backyard with large hummingbird feeders is a fast way to invite our feathery friend. A medium to large sized feeder is needed as they usually fly in groups instead of going solo. 

Here are some specifics to maximize the effectiveness of large hummingbird feeders.

DO get a feeder with a plastic perch near the bowl or cup so the birds can comfortably feed while visiting you.
DO get a feeder with a deeper food bowl so seeds will not fall off into the ground as much. These seed litters can attract other pests like rats or squirrels when not cleaned regularly.
DO space them out from each other and erect them away from glass windows. Birds might get disoriented and fly straight into the glass, causing fatal injuries to them.
DO make the feeder high enough so our dogs or cats won’t be able to climb them.
DO add water with sugar as an alternative to nectar. You can also get a formula nectar for hummingbirds that ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Bird watching is one of those hobbies that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, and by getting a large hummingbird feeder (
) installed in your yard, you can observe these awe-inspiring twitters while also helping them during their daily flights.